Shop Talk

It’s been a while since I updated you guys on the contract gig I’m working at so I figured I’d report on that and then ask ya’ll for your opinions.
It’s been slow going at the contract gig. I’ve been getting some training from a kid fresh out of college on some of the files I’ve been working on. Imagine that. He’s a really smart young man and I can tell he’s going to go far. He is a part of the management training program that the company has and he’s bilingual so that’s a added bonus. I’ve taken a lot of notes in order to be ready when I have to start taking over some of the workload that college kid currently does. I will be getting a start on that this week when he takes a few days of vacation and I have to fill in for him on some time sensitive assignments.
The guy I work for is also pretty nice, and I can tell that he’s glad I have a strong financial analysis background but since he’s brand new to the company himself, he’s been caught up in a lot of meetings and conference calls. He keeps apologizing for not being able to spend more time bringing me up to speed.
But, it’s all good. I’m getting paid a nice hourly rate to sit quietly, look at some spreadsheets, blog and twitter. And, I’m not complaining at all. I wanted to work and get some money back in the bank and I am doing so. About the only thing I don’t like is the fact that my cube sits right next to the copy machine and folks tend to congregate and talk very loudly right in this area. It’s VERY annoying.
As as such, since I’ve been back to work on a full time basis, of course you know my phone has been blowing up with recruiters. And I confess for the first time I don’t know really how to answer them when they ask me for my status/availability. I am working, true enough but it’s contract. I would really prefer a permanent role. I don’t want to eliminate myself from any possible opportunities just because I’m working right now to get some money in the door. I asked some of my twitter peeps and they said to say I’m on a contract role, some others say give the recruiter just the information that they asked for and don’t mention status at all.
So readers, what would you do in my type of situation? You are working but still on the job hunt on the low low. What are the best tips you have for me? Drop me some love into the comments.

8 thoughts on “Shop Talk

  1. You have to look out for yourself. If your contract ends, you’re done. You knew this when you took the assignment. Conversely, your employer knows that if you find a permanent gig, you’re done. If they want to make sure they don’t lose a good employee, they bring that person on full time, and deal with whatever ramifications there are with the temp agency.

    I was in your shoes. I never stopped looking for a permanent gig tho. I interviewed and made sure my agency knew why I couldn’t interview at the drop of a hat. When I got a full time offer, I was out. The temp gig then let me know they had every intention of hiring me. Too little too late!

  2. Tell them the truth. They trying to get paid…so are you.

    • I agree. They want their fee and will steal folks from full time permanent positions to get it.

    • I agree as well. Recruiters deal with people trying to leave positions all the time. They don’t expect everyone they deal with to be out of work. Tell them your situation, let them know when you’re available to interview and keep your options open. They won’t care about your job if you don’t.

  3. I’d tell them that you are working a contract position, but are in the market for a full time gig. Just be honest.

  4. Recruiters are in it to make money, which translates to putting you in a position. I’ve always been completely honest when dealing with recruiters so I would tell them. They need to know why you’re not available to interview at the last minute. They also need to know to only contact you with serious opportunities – not to have you come in to THEIR office to chitchat.

    Shoot, I told one recruiter that I didn’t like this one employer because they had me in their offices from 8:30 – 2:30 and didn’t offer me lunch.

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