A Little Bit of This And A Little Bit of That..

I started working on our wedding website this weekend. I thought I could just throw one together, but boy was I wrong. It took me 2 hours just to get the about Myron and Tiffany sections sounding right. They were about 2-3 short paragraphs each, ya’ll. And they were hard as hell to write.

It is hard to talk about yourself without sounding all cheesy and without it sounding like you are on a job interview. I think I should have it together by this weekend and I’ll link ya’ll to it. After all the work that goes into the damn thing, somebody better read it and find it useful!!!!!


There was some honeymoon discussion going on in the household this weekend. Trouble is, we don’t know exactly know when we will be able to go on it. Because I am working contract right now, it will really depend on my employment situation at the time. At any rate, we can still discuss, right?? I have been to Mexico several times so that was out for me. I had also mentioned Jamaica because he’s never been but I have. Because I’ve been there (even thought it was like 12 years ago), he wants to look at some other places. I’m game and asked him what he was thinking about. He mentioned US Virgin Islands or St Croix. They both sound really good to me. I’m a warm weather vacationing type sista so an Alaskan cruise would have not been on my list of places to go on a honeymoon.

If ya’ll have some other suggestions of some good honeymoon spots, please drop your ideas in the comments.


I have started both sets of parents on writing up their guest lists as well as started working on mine (ours?). Both sets of parents come from very large families. My mom is the oldest of 7, Myron’s mom has 9 siblings and Myron’s dad has 5!!!! Not to mention I have 29 line sisters (not inviting all of them) and I know a TON of people. Let’s not forget, that my fiancé is also a social butterfly. We max out at 150 guests. Somebody’s feelings are bound to be/get hurt. I already know it’s going to happen. I already know its coming. It’s just a matter of when.

Would love suggestions on how to handle this? Do you think I should do an “A” list and a “B” list??


So there you go, a little of this and a little of that. Have at it.


9 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This And A Little Bit of That..

  1. After including my obligatory family invites, my litmus test for inviting guests was, “would I treat this person to dinner at a very nice restaurant?”

  2. I say go to the Dominican Republic. The beach is fabulous and COOL, so cool, I went to sleep on it!

  3. viva republica dominicana! it’s beautiful…. ya’ll would love it.

  4. What about Puerto Rico or Hawaii during the off season?

    As far as the guest list(s) goes, I like your idea of having a tri-level list and having the parents make one as well. There may be some overlap between the lists and then you can whittle it down from there. What about sending invitations to people in your ‘A’ group earlier than those from the ‘B’ and ‘C’ groups? It would give them more time to respond, and hopefully allow more of them to come.

  5. St. Thomas is a lovely island.

    Guest list, start with innermost circle and work your way out. Stop when you get to your number. You could also give each sets of parents a limit. You’re right, someone is going to be hurt…

  6. Good luck with the guest list. My cousin had two receptions. A club catered sit down meal and one that was catered but less expensive. One was right after the wedding, the other was later that evening.

  7. I say you scale down your guest list to family an close friends that go back years. True friends WILL understand your budget and will still send a gift.
    As for the honeymoon? You know I’m a cheapskate so I would wait until Jan/Feb and although the Carribean is still warm in those months, travel there is dirt cheap!

  8. How about Puerto Rico or St. Lucia

  9. I come from a large family, but my hubby doesn’t. My max was 180 and the first set of lists that I got had over 250 ppl! OK, time for some rules. I had my parents and grandparents create their A, B, and C lists. A – cannot get married without them there. B – would love to share it with them. C – would be fun to include. Ended up with about 210 ppl and we had to really, really work to whittle that down. Good luck!

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