Point, Click, Shoot

Myron and I took some studio type pictures a few weeks ago that turned out pretty nice. We took them at Kroger’s of all places, because they were offering a free 16X20, a free 8X10 and some free 5X7s and all we had to pay was a $10 sitting fee. Of course, when the pictures came back, they upsold us on about $75.00 more worth of pictures but they looked so good, we purchased them. Plus, we had a bunch to give to our families because there were solo shots of us included in the package as well. I hadn’t taken any solo pictures in a few years and neither had Myron so both sets of moms were very pleased with us.

However, Myron still wanted us to take some engagement pictures that would be a bit more stylized and less posed. I was on the fence myself, primarily because I had an eyeball on the budget and because I really want to use a bomb photographer for the wedding who I know is not going be all that cheap.

But once again, God has seen fit to bless us in the planning of this wedding. I am so excited! We are booked for an engagement shoot with a lady who is a classmate of Myron’s and is trying to build up her photography business. She is already an accomplished graphic designer. And she is charging us less than half of her regular engagement package fee! SCORE!!! FTW!!!!!

I’m going to go to Walgreens this weekend and try to get a few scans of our studio type pictures to upload to the blog and to FaceBook so be on the look out.

Would you do engagement pictures? Did you do them when you got married? Or are they just not that necessary anymore?


14 thoughts on “Point, Click, Shoot

  1. I’ve seen tons of engagement pics and I agree with Nerd Girl, studio pics just look cheesy and unnatural. I’ve never seen any that I’ve liked. I’ve seen some amazing ones out on location. Those really get to show a couple’s personality.

  2. Well you know I got engagement pictures but we weren’t planning to have a wedding photographer. The photo shoot was fun.

  3. We took studio pics but they’re so stiff and blah that we never really did anything with them beyond give them to our parents and grandparents. If I had it to do over I would go the less posed, on location type route as opposed to us at Olan Mills with me standing with my hand on his shoulder looking half crazy. I digress…

  4. We did engagement pics! We used them for our wedding website and for the stamps for our Save The Dates. Also, my photographer had a website set up for us so it was also a way for me to say, “hey, we’re engaged!” to friends and family.

  5. I would take engagement pics. I love the ones that show the couples’ personalities.

  6. I’m taking good notes over here. Honestly..I never heard of engagement pictures. Unless that’s the same as the engagement party pictures. I’m glad that you started this blog. I’ve been so out of touch with what’s going on now with weddings. When it’s my turn again, I’m gonna be READY!!! LOL

  7. I think engagement pictures are a great idea.

  8. We did some Olan Mills type studio pics back in the day. I’ve seen so many hot outdoor shots with fabulous scenic backgrounds! Those are the type that I would do if I were getting married now.

  9. It’s so funny that you should mention engagement pictures…today! I just happened to look at the engagement photo that we did (10 years ago) and I was saddened. The picture has faded and we almost look “dead!” ROFL…not funny (please stop laughing…an explanation of this is noted below).

    I would encourage you to do engagement photos. It’s kinda nice to look back on them, along with your wedding photos, and “remember when!” And like one of the other people said…We used ours as a way for wedding guests to sign their names…write brief wedding wishes, etc.

    But…please…if you decide to go this route, be sure to have the picture framed so that the picture never fades! LOL! I’d hate for the two of you to look back on them years later and experience…disappointment (something told me to go ahead and spend the extra few bucks!) 😦

  10. I’d definitely do them and I can’t wait to see the pics!

  11. We did do them and it was so fun. I have them at my desk now and people always ask about them.

    • P.S. I used them to make a photo book that served as the guest sign-on book at our wedding/reception. It is cool to look at all the well wishes and stuff.

      • P.P.S. We did them around town at some of our favorite places, such as the comic book store, the place where we met, the Botanical Gardens and so forth. It was amazing how open the owners were to let us come in and do these pictures.

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