Let Them Eat Cake

Having secured a venue and a date, now it is time to attend to the smaller details of planning our wedding, namely the DESSERT!!!!! I am not a pastry chef by any stretch of the imagination and will be finding it necessary to find a person to bake the wedding and groom’s cakes.  However, I don’t have Charm City Cakes, Cake Boss or CakeLove type loot and wedding cakes can get pretty elaborate and expensive. However, I know I’m going to need to hire someone a little bit more sophisticated than the lady who peddles pound cake at the beauty shop on Saturday mornings. (Don’t be acting all brand new and bougie on me now! *side eye*)

I don’t have a strong vision for how I would like the cake to look to be honest. I just would like for it to taste good for us and for our guests. It doesn’t need to be all kinds of Tiffany blue and chocolate madness to match our wedding colors or anything like that. I would like it to be simple, classy, elegant and taste good. And don’t even get me started on filling choices, or whether I should I have fondant or buttercream or royal icing. Or if I should I rent a dummy cake to cut costs. That’s just too many choices right now.

I’m calling on you, dear readers, to drop some ideas into the comments. I have some names of bakeries to start researching this week but other than that, I need to be pointed in the right direction! HALP!!!!!  🙂


15 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. The dummy cake got me too! When I get married my mom actually baked the cake. She went to a party store and bought bigger pans to accomadate. Then she found someone to decorate it professionally! She is a very good baker! In fact people were surprised at the cake because they just knew it wouldn’t be good. They thought it was from a bakery or something. This was 1985! I can’t remember how she found the lady who decorated, but I know it was cheaper and it tasted good too!

  2. I forgot this! My (best friend at the time, no longer a) friend got married and she had cakes as her centerpieces. She got them all from Publix, I think, and it was very creative, she said it was less expensive than the big wedding cake production AND it eliminated the need for centerpieces. People served themselves (servers brought out ice cream and saucers for each table), ate and took them home, too. She had a huge (350+ people) wedding. They did a little wedding cake for them to cut for photos.

  3. I’m no help in this arena either but it’s something about the cakes made with fondant that just didn’t sit right with my palate.

  4. We are doing a small 2-tier decorated white cake for pictures (i.e., a $50 or less cake). Dessert for our guests will be the groom’s cake made with carrot cake because my sweetie love carrot cake, a few dozen red velvet and chocolate mini-cupcakes, and an assortment of mini-pies (because I LOVE pie), kettle corn, and a few dozen cookies. All of that was less expensive the cost of a big elaborate cake with filling designed to feed 120 ppl. AND, I got little treat bags which I will stamp with “Love is Sweet” and our monogram so that our dessert/treats buffet will double as our thank you/favors.

  5. I’ve never done the foam cake thing, but when I was in catering, I used to sell brides with large weddings and small budget a small 3 tier cake (to feed about 40-50) and then we’d have sheet cakes in the back. You get the beautiful cake you want for show and for pics, but you don’t pay the expense of designing a “wedding” cake for 100+ people. We used to charge between $3-8 pp for a wedding cake, but our full sheet cake (18″ x 24″) served about 100 for between $65-140 depending on the filling.

  6. I’m no help. I didn’t care about the cake at all, we only had one because Michael was bound and determined to have one. I don’t even remember what kind of cake we had.

    I was scouting out the best peach cobbler in town. And it was gooooood!

    Off to learn about dummy cakes…..

  7. If you are looking for a way to trim the budget, I like the idea of the dummy cake,especially if the sheet cakes they serve taste really good. I actually went to a wedding at home where they did it like this. The bride and groom cut the base of the dummy cake for the photos & later the servers brought out slices from the back, so we never saw the cake actually getting cut. It took me a minute to figure it out. It’s like the best of both worlds. You get the beautiful look of the cake for the photos, appearance & a lower cost & if the cake tastes good, no one will notice or care.

  8. Will it really save that much money? I have seen some really nice (visually) cakes that came from Bloom. A friend also got her wedding cake from Publix. it looked and tasted great but it was definitely not a “platinum” wedding cake. So I guess you just have to decide how much you’re willing to spend and what will matter in the long run.

  9. A dummy cake?! People actually do that? LOL

  10. What’s your cake budget? Set that then work from there. When I was looking back in 2007, cake was high IMO, and I was only trying to get enough to feed 50 people. Cake Love pissed me off because I was getting married AROUND THE CORNER — literally — from their Silver Spring location and they would not negotiate on the delivery fee, which was $100+ or something. (o_O to Warren Brown) Needless to say, they did not get my business. But delivery is something you want to factor into the cost.

    The groom’s cake can be made at wherever you get a birthday cake. I think if you don’t want a really fancy wedding cake you might look to a local bakery or even a cooking school and see what deals you can work out.

    Also, don’t forget cupcakes as an option.

    • I need to know more about this dummy cake. ROFL!

      Maybe find a Wilson cake baking class in your area and call and ask the instructor for references to people who haven’t set up shop yet but who are good.

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