Officially Official

The date is set: Sunday, September 26, 2010.

The venue: Chateau Crystale.

The bride: Tiffany

The groom: Myron

Let the planning commence in earnest!!!!!!

(Posting will probably not be daily since I’m working now, but I will still try to get up several posts per week. Stay with me, OK??)


14 thoughts on “Officially Official

  1. Yes, finding the venue (and putting down that fat deposit) makes it “real”. Can’t wait to hear more plans!

  2. It seems so much more real now, huh?

  3. Yippee! That place looks beautiful.

  4. Beautiful choice. Be prepared for the time to start flying by now !

  5. Awww shucks now!!! The countdown is on!

  6. I know you’re glad you settled on a place – now you can exhale about this part. This was one of my favorite places, I’m very happy for you.

  7. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. Congrats on setting the date.

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