Venue: Ashton Oaks

Myron and I continued on our quest for a wedding venue and this past Sunday, the quest took us to an open house at Ashton Oaks.

Ashton Oaks is a full service facility that offers the option of ceremony and reception or reception only. It is the sister property of  another venue I have been considering, Chateau Crystale.  I toured that venue on Tuesday. More on that in a bit.

Ashton Oaks is a nice facility but seemed a little tight to me space wise. The dance floor was in the middle of the room and it was somewhat sunken and the eating areas flanked it on either side. There was a separate smaller room in the front of the building that could be used to serve the buffet and hold the gift tables etc. The parking seemed adequate but the outside facade was kinda of dull. The good thing about the open house is that we got a chance to taste the food served by both venues and it is GOOD.

Here are some snaps:

What do ya’ll think??? There is a gallery of photos on the site as well.


3 thoughts on “Venue: Ashton Oaks

  1. See…I like the yacht. WHY DID YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE YACHT? I can’t let that go. ::goes and sits down next to Daddyzilla::

  2. The decorations are nice but it does look a lil tight. Look like it gets warm first up in that place. lol

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