Return of Daddy-Zilla!

Myron and I went by my parents house Monday night to eat dinner. My folks sat down and joined us at the table. We chatted it up about the Final Four, what my dad was doing to the yard for the spring and my new nephew Caleb.

Wait for it…wait for it….cause you know it’s coming!


Daddy-Zilla: Well, I was thinking..

Me (not looking up from plate): What’s that Daddy?

Daddy-Zilla: Well, maybe ya’ll should have a small wedding and then find a nice place to have a reception. I’ll cook all the food and ya’ll just go ahead and get married.

Mama (Interjecting): F (daddy’s initial), they know what they want to do for their wedding!

Me (silently thinking): Thank you mama for the save. Mamas for the win!

Daddy-Zilla: Well, we still gonna give you some money but why don’t ya’ll save it for your house. Just put it up.

(In fact, ya’ll had forgotten, Myron and I live in a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome..LOL!! We aren’t homeless.)

Myron: Well, buying a house is certainly in the future plans. (Gets up to fix another plate and escapes dinner table, ol’ buster!)

Me: Well Daddy, I’m still looking at venues.

Mama: Well baby, it was just a suggestion for ya’ll to think about. (Gotta love Moms, mediation must be in the mama handbook.)


Daddy-Zilla and Myron have gone outside to look at the battery on my car.

I corner my mother in the kitchen.

Me (accusingly): Mama, did you put him up to that??

Mama (baby seal eyed): No baby, I did not. He came up with that one all on his own.

Me (exasperated): Mama, why does he come up with some new stuff every week.

Mama (rolls eyes): I don’t know. But don’t worry about it. I got something for him. Go look at that other place tomorrow and call and tell me about it. Yo’ Daddy is getting on my damn nerves. And see, you thought it would be me didn’t you??

Me (laughing): Yeah, mama..I thought it would be you. You have been a good mama. Well behaved, even. LOL!!!

Do ya’ll see what I have to deal with???? LMAO!!!!


10 thoughts on “Return of Daddy-Zilla!

  1. awww, i think it’s cute! but hey, i’m not the one having to go through what you’re having to go through 🙂

  2. I am over here dying cause I can “hear” all this going down. This right here “Me (not looking up from plate): What’s that Daddy?”, I heard you saying clear as day. LOL

  3. Ha ha! Whew, Daddy is really getting some ideas, huh? LOL @ your mother – “And see, you thought it would be me didn’t you??”

  4. How we go from a nice wedding, to a him cooking??? O_o

    Come on now, Daddy. lol

    You need to hurry up and pick a venue!

  5. Your dad is funny…Do you think he’s nervous about letting his baby girl go?

  6. yea ..yea it’s only going to get worse sooner the day gets closer…. mama do be saving she go be saving u alot

  7. LOL @ Daddy-Zilla.
    I wish I could tell you that he will stop coming up with more ideas as soon as you pick a venue. But I really don’t think he will until the day you two are married. 🙂

  8. LOL! Your mom is kicks! Tell your dad to sit down and stop stressing about HIS, I mean YOUR wedding.

  9. LMAO @ you and your mama! “….Yo’ daddy is getting on my damn nerves.” ROFL!

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