Space Filler/Need Feedback

I don’t really have a formal post for today but I toured a couple of venues over the weekend that I will post about  and I have some thoughts brewing about marriage that I will get up this week.

I am still trying to figure out the direction of this blog. Of course, I want to document my planning process and give my 14 cents on relationships but I will gladly take suggestions, ideas or any feedback. What would ya’ll like me to discuss (if you even care..LOL)??

Leave a thought in the comments and I’ll be back with freshly squeezed juice on Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Space Filler/Need Feedback

  1. Whatever you do, make sure your honey is cool with it…you don’t want his family reading it and being like, “I read on the blog that y’all had a big fight last night, everything ok?” LOL!

  2. Job hunting progress, things you have learned about the job market, interviewing etc since you’ve been on the hunt, life merging with M2, anything you care to share actually!!

  3. I was just thinking the same thing SLS (regarding the job hunt).

  4. Are you planning to hyphenate your name or change your middle name to your current last name? Why or why not?

    I would like to read more about you two merging your lives.

    Other than those two suggestions – whatever you feel like posting. I know you gave your blog a specific title but, *singing* you can blog whatever you like.

  5. I wrote today about some changes I’ve noticed that have happened with my personality over say the last 5 yrs. If you were writing a letter to TIH say at 25, what would you be telling her? Where relationships are concerned.

  6. Write to us about whatever. Your job hunt (be vague tho cause employers have The Google now, too), your dreams for your marriage, cute shoes, ignant peoples — whatever.

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