Stand Up and Be Counted!

I did my census form tonight. Myron had gotten his as well, at his old address. I asked him did he want to do his separately and he was like no, just add me on yours. So I did.

The census is like 10 questions max. Painfully simple. When it came time to list his relationship to me in the household, the best choice was unmarried partner. So I said, “I’m listing you as my unmarried partner”. He replied: “For now.”

So I jokingly said: “Can I call you my unmarried partner, instead of fiance’?”

This was the look I got: *BLANK STARE*

LMAO!!! I guess not!!!


6 thoughts on “Stand Up and Be Counted!

  1. When I was reading this, I thought about how COOL your name will be when you get married.

  2. Awww. Isn’t that cute! So sweet!

  3. You are too funny! The two of you are so sweet together!

  4. I meant see if HE will let YOU….

  5. See if you will let you call him your ‘U.P.’. LOL!

  6. Ahhh! The beauty of becoming a “we”.

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