Blingy Blingy

It’s way early to be thinking about what kind of jewelry I’m going to be wearing with my wedding dress but I went on a run to Sam Moon in the The Woodlands with my friend Ann a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t pull the trigger on any major purchases (LOL) but I got a bunch of ideas about earrings and jewelry and it got me to thinking about how I might wear my hair. My wedding dress has a beaded bodice so my focus is on a bomb ass set of earrings and a distinctive bracelet. Here are some cellphone snaps I took. The pic of the flowered mini clutch was  something I thought was just darling!

If you are an accessories whore, then you definitely need to back away slowly from Sam Moon! (I am NOT to blame if you click on that link!)


6 thoughts on “Blingy Blingy

  1. HILARIOUS!! I purchased that rose purse on Harwin a couple of weeks ago! Too cute!

  2. So how are you going to wear your hair? With the earrings posted, I assume you’ll wear it up. My aunt asked what jewelry I was wearing for my nuptials. We were discussing the fact that I can’t wear any metal other than gold. So I’ll be wearing something I already have in my jewelry box.

  3. They even look good online ! You know which one I like 🙂
    I am too excited for you BS T2

  4. I like the leaf branch cuff. I would have to see it with the dress in order to determine if it adds or takes away from the dress. I like the chandeliers at the bottom. Something along those lines for you, but with a beading (along with a CZ) detail.

    On the site, I liked:
    #277952- Earrings

    #279111 -Bracelet (maybe a bit wider)

    I saw some cute stuff, but like you said, nothing just WOW for your wedding.

  5. I drank the Kool-Aid and clicked on the link. Awww, dang! LOL! As far as earrings, I love anything chandelier/dangly. Great jewelry!

  6. I would want that CZ cuff bracelet just for GP. I like stuff that sparkles.

    *clicks link*

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