Venue: The Gardens

Mom and I visited another venue this past Friday called The Gardens. This was a place recommended by a college friend of mine. She actually was in a wedding there a few months ago.

It is a full service facility located off Sam Houston Tollway near Hobby Airport. It is a full service facility housed in a converted grocery store. They have been hosting events in the space for 14 years and as such, it is older than some of the other venues I’ve toured. There is a chapel that seats 200 and 3 different ballroom spaces, the largest of which seats 500 people. There are 2 large changing areas for bride and groom with several sinks, stalls and chairs to sit in. The decor reminds me of a Spanish hacienda with orange colored Saltillo tiles and real hardwood dance floors. There is a fountain right when you walk in which is a nice touch.

So mom and I toured the whole spot, and while I wasn’t WOWED like I was at Ashton Gardens, it was fairly decent. We sat down with the event coordinator and ran the numbers for 150 people and I was persuaded a whole lot more! For our budget (which we’ve estimated at 10K for everything), it really is the one that makes the most sense and will probably get the Daddy-zilla to start writing some checks. I have to admit that the yacht really was first place for me and Myron but since I’m having to make some concessions to family (Daddy-zilla) to have a larger guest count, I guess I’ll just have to reconcile that in my mind get over myself suck it up.

I’m attaching some pictures so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


11 thoughts on “Venue: The Gardens

  1. It would definitely work but those daggone ceilings keep throwing me the hell off.

  2. Since I’ve read this twice I guess I should go ahead and tell you I was here. 🙂

    Looks fine to me BUT it’s well-documented that I’m not really into traditional weddings. Something like this would work for me because I would be coming it at strictly from the budget perspective but you have much grander dreams than I do, so I hope you are able to find something that makes you happy and excited so you don’t have to “suck it up”! I totally agree with what OneChele said about the cost benefit analysis to make sure that what it would cost to bring it up to something you would like still makes it worthwhile.

    – Nichole aka Future Beach Bride

  3. I like The Gardens better. I’ve been to several weddings there.

    If you prefer Ashton Gardens, then I say go with that. It’s YOUR day. If your dad can afford it, then go with it.

  4. There’ll always be concessions when you are trying to save loot. If your Pops is paying though…sounds like you better keep him happy. If he wants everyone he’s ever met to see his baby get married (and he’s paying that PPP…per person price), then go on and do that. Maybe let him know it’s not your fave and he’ll have to come up offa some more money to get it decorated so that you love it.

  5. Definite potential but you’ll have to work with it to give it the “Tiffany” feeling. You’ll have to do a cost/sweat equity analysis. Will the extra cost to fix this up the way you want (more flowers, other linens, floor runners, candles, etc) plus your time spent decorating end up equaling you paying more to get a venue you like more and worry less about? Food for thought.

  6. I just looked at their decorative packages. I would hire your own decorator.

  7. The dark ceiling is throwing me off a bit. But you can probably keep that out of your pictures. Just like the others I really liked Ashton GArdens, but this is a nice runner-up. With flowers it will look really nice.

  8. I don’t love it as much as Ashton Gardens. When you write “fairly decent”, I can’t help but think that this would be a big “ok, I’ll settle for this” decision. Go with your gut!

  9. I’m not really feeling what I can see of the outside of the building, but the inside looks very nicely decorated. And if the price is right you can’t go wrong.

  10. It is indeed nice, but I still like Ashton Gardens better. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one, though.

  11. It’s important to keep the $$ down, but if you aren’t loving it and you are already compromising from the yacht you can get a venue you are more excited about. I think it looks lovely.

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