Venue: Treebeards at Market Square

Treebeard’s is another place that I am considering for a reception venue. It was actually suggested by my father, the Daddy-zilla. The price is right and the food is good. Location is downtown Houston and the second floor has a balcony that overlooks a park.

BUT…..(and you know there is always a but)

I can’t do a ceremony there (well I can but it would have to be very informal because there is no space to line up chairs in rows), I’d have to provide a cake and a DJ.  That means dealing with extra vendors. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to have everything done in one place.

(Also go here to see an clickable picture of the Market Square location, it’s the picture of the building on the right side of the page.)

The catering manager sent me some pictures. Let me know what you think. How would you have a ceremony in a restaurant setting??


9 thoughts on “Venue: Treebeards at Market Square

  1. I like the vibe of the restaurant… and the food is really good! I think it can definitely give a different feel to the wedding, and like SingLikeSassy suggested, it could be rearranged to accomodate both events?

    Whenever I receive venues ads in the mail (been planning myself), I think of you: so I just received an ad for a venue called: The Village (, it’s a Golf resort located in Conroe. The pictures look good and it has the advantage of having everything in one spot… It’s a bit far (for me) but I thought I might suggest it to you.

    Hope you find something soon!

  2. For a formal wedding I wouldn’t do a resturant setting. If you really want to do it all in one venue, and not deal with several vendors, keep looking. Because if you change one variable in the equation that always chages several other things.

  3. Treebirds food is soooooo gangsta!

    Team Tazzee and SLS

  4. I like SingLikeSassy’s suggestion. Based on all your other posts – I don’t think an informal ceremony is acceptable to you. I can’t imagine your Dad not walking you down the aisle in your beautiful dress for all to see.

    If that is not important to you – then you should have the private ceremony like MrsSaditty said. But if you REALLY like this place and Dad escorting you is important; I’m sure there’s a workaround.

  5. Hmmm I say decide if having everything in one place is a non-negotiable. If it is, I would keep looking because you live in a large city so i bet you could find somewhere that will comfortable accommodate ceremony and reception. Or maybe you could try something like this:

    My brother got married in a hotel ballroom with the wedding and reception in the same room. (so there as no “introducing the couple” since everyone was all in the same room) He and my SIL and the officiant and wedding party were on a stage with an arch and everyone sat at those round tables that seat 10, so everyone could see. There wasn’t a real “aisle” but they entered from the back and walked down the middle of the tables. When the ceremony was over, we took pics and the buffet was served at the back of the room. This was with about 200 people. DJ and dance floor, too.

  6. Have you talked to the people there about how other people have done it (if they have done it)?

    Can part of the room be set up and part set aside for the ceremony and then you do a cocktail hour out on the patio while they finishing setting up the room? Cause you’ll need time to take pics and kiss your new husband and breathe anyways before jumping into the reception and greeting and hugging and thanking part.

  7. I would then have a private ceremony before the reception. Bride, groom, parents, siblings and then on to the recption.0

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