Enter The Daddy

I never thought the person who was going to be  the most VEXING in getting this wedding together would be my father. He wants a big party, I do not.  He has already called several  times with venue suggestions. He really has no clue how much it’s going to cost to feed all the people in his head that he wants to invite. We had another conversation today and he indicated that he knew he was being selfish and he knew it was OUR wedding but weddings “are for everybody” and sometimes they “take on a life of their own.” WTF??

I have prepared a spreadsheet of all the venues I’ve either looked at in person or gotten quotes from and we are supposed to talk about it this weekend. I really need to get a venue booked so I can firm up a date. September is a popular wedding month in Texas because it’s not nearly as hot as July and August.

I am MOST grateful to have my daddy with me on this journey and I am happy he is so excited about me getting married. And he really cares for Myron a great deal as well. I love that. And I get that I am his only baby girl. But from a man who is NOT emo at all, this is totally unexpected.

There wasn’t really a point to this post. I just needed to vent. Hit the comments if you have suggestions on how to rein in a daddy-zilla. LOL!!!


23 thoughts on “Enter The Daddy

  1. Haha! Let Daddy-Zilla do what he does! I think it’s sweet that he wants to do more than just chip in on your big day. I don’t think he means any harm…he’s just proud as a peacock!

  2. he was doing the same thing for my wedding.. excuse me pops you aint getting married…….#fallbackbro #pumpyabrakes

  3. LOL!! Forgive me but I was cracking up at your dad’s statement that weddings sometimes take on a life of their own. I think you definitely have a daddy-zilla on your hands. LOL!! I think it’s also sweet to know how involved he is in ensuring that your day goes perfectly. I’ll be coming back to read your other entries soon. Much love and, however stressful, take time to enjoy the planning phase of your day!! 🙂

  4. Enjoy the moments of excitement with him and then stifle your giggles when he gags at the actual prices. Daddy just wants all the best for his only girl!

  5. I think its cute that he’s so excited! He’ll calm down once he discovers how much it costs.

  6. LOL your dad sounds like my uncle and even though my cousin was contributing to her wedding her dad ended up putting the funds up because as he said.. I only have one time to give my baby girl away.. so let daddy do his thing..

  7. I know this is difficult for you. My wedding could have gotten out of hand, that’s why we aren’t having one.

    Since the wedding will be funded by multiple parties I think you should put together the budget first and sit down with all parties to discuss your options. Unfortunately, you might have to forsake something you really want to accomodate extra guests.

    I’m praying for you.

  8. Well at least he admitted it and just work from there.

  9. $$$$ and cents bring reality back into the picture with the quickness! Dad will be more realistic once you all have had a sit down with the breakdowns! LOL

  10. @All: My parents are giving us some money on the wedding, Myron’s parents are gonna contribute some and we are contributing as well. It’s not going to be an even split all the way, Myron and I will probably contribute the most funds.

  11. I agree with most of the others, be a “Daddy’s Girl” for a long as you can. I think he is coming to realize that you are going to Myron’s wife very soon, and he wants to this one last thing in grand fashion !

  12. I guess if daddy is paying you should let him splurge on his girl. However if YOU are footing the bill then daddy should understand why you want to keep it small. Once he sees the dollar amount he might easy up.

    Take a deep breath. Give him a hug and a kiss and enjoy his excitement.

  13. Awww… too sweet. He’s all excited now. But wait until the sticker shock kicks in. He’ll ease up.

  14. First timer on your site – congratulations! I was just on the phone with one of my best girlfriends and she told me that her mother is also losing her mind while planning her wedding. She’s henpecking about every little detail, and the wedding is still 10 months away. Reason #4587 why I might just elope, lol! I suggest using your daughter powers – you know “the look” that makes most fathers bow to your wishes. Immediately, lol. My father was a minister and would have done the same thing – he loved him some show! In all, even though your father is gettin on your nerves remember to be grateful for him.

  15. Nope my dad was C-R-A-Z-Y when it came to my wedding. It was my mom who was sane. Dad kept thinking he could do the catering better or he could be the photographer. Serious mess to say the least. He’ll calm down, trust me.

  16. I’m with Mingo and Serenity on this one! lol…Let yo daddy extra love on you!

  17. It’s cute, but I can see how it would work your nerves. I kind of agree that weddings are for everybody. Everybody you want to show your beautiful daughter off to on that day in his case. I didn’t do it big and I liked it like that. If he’s paying that’s a different story.

  18. I love it! How charming…
    My dad was the same way. He was so very proud and wanted to share that same feeling with our family and friends. I DID have to reign him in a time or two, though. Continue to enjoy and be blessed that Daddy is excited and not grumbling. Yet.

  19. You’re his baby girl and this is the only wedding he will get to “throw.” Your father sounds like one of those REAL daddies who is old school in thought. To him…this is sending his baby girl off the right way.

    I can’t help you. I’d let him do it big. LOL!

  20. If he is willing to pay, party it up!

  21. Maybe once he sees what things cost he’ll ease up a bit. And then too maybe there are things you can do to make him happy that aren’t big but will still be meaningful to him.

  22. I know what you mean Tiffany and I am one of 3 daughters. My father wanted to invited every single friend and church member he knows. And he’s a minister so that was a lot of people. The best advice I can give it to focus on his special roles for the big day. Give him some minor tasks to be responsible for and ask his opinion on a couple of things. I found that the wedding was a bigger day for my Dad than my Mom and that may explain why they become a bit daddy-zilla ish. LOL. Good luck and enjoy every minute.

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