Surveying the Masses

NOTE: Just to let you guys know, Myron has finished up his guest post on how he knew I was the one and I will be running it on Tuesday.

Quick question:  Do you think it would be valuable for me to pick up a wedding planning book?? I think I am off to a decent start but I’m thinking I’m needing to get a bit more focused. What say ya’ll? Holla at me in the comments. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Surveying the Masses

  1. Making one sounds like a great idea to me! You can grab a binder and file folders and make it all gawjus and personal. You can also add pictures of you and Myron and other little keepsakes.

  2. The Knot – register with the website and you’re off on wedding project management.

  3. No. I think that stuff from Mr. Google is more than enough.

  4. Yes, you don’t want anything to fall through the cracks. Like small details and such.

  5. It’s a good keepsake. If you are that type of person that would like to look back on your wedding if not, do like everyone said and just create a binder. But they are super inexpensive.. I buy one for my new bride friends. Get a coupon off line. I think I have a borders coupon for 30 percent off.

  6. I think you’ll be fine with Mr. Google and just asking questions like you’ve been doing.

  7. Only if you want it for a keepsake. You can go check some out to get ideas of where you need to be. Get u a binder and some tabs w/ pocket folders and work with that to be economical. You are already well on your way.

  8. Unless you are a very disorganized person (which you do not seem to be), a don’t think you need to purchase one. Of course, I would suggest using some sort of system, be it a 3 ring binder, accordion folder, etc to organize all the documents and what nots that you’ll be accumulating and wanting to keep track of. I made my own and it worked perfectly.

  9. With my wedding being 2 weeks away from now (March 13, I do not have one. I would not say that you need to have one. You just have to be really organized. I have sort of made one. I keep all my contracts with venues, guest lists, menu lists, reciepts, etc.I saw one in Michael’s over the weekend and it was over $20. Be creative and make one.

  10. I don’t think you need one. The internet has too many resources to spend money on one. Plus you have fabulous folks at your disposal. ie, folks like Broke Socialite, Erica B, etc. Use ur networks chick.

  11. It depends. If you want your wedding to go by the book, it may br helpful. You’re making good progress without it.

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