Venue: FantaSea Yachts

When Myron and I first started discussing the marriage thing, I took it upon myself to start CASUALLY looking at some ceremony/reception sites. I knew it would be important for me to have the ceremony and reception in the same place and try to have as many of the particulars taken care of by one vendor. I’m just not in the mindset to have to bicker and barter with a bunch of wedding vendors.

I started looking at yachts as a potential venue because I thought it would be different and provide a unique experience for my guests. Plus, the pictures would look really cool on a boat! (cue T-Pain’s “I’m On a Boat”..LMAO!!!)

Mom and I took a short drive down to Kemah to tour the FantaSea yacht. It’s 117 feet long and only 4 years old. It can hold up to 149 people aboard. It’s 2 levels, 2 full bars, full kitchen and a small bridal changing room. The packages offered are really appealing to me and Myron is onboard with the idea. Mom really liked it too.

Right now, they have some dates available in September and they are first on the list. I still think I need to look at a few more places though.

I took some snaps. Let me know what you think in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Venue: FantaSea Yachts

  1. I like the yacht in theory but I’d be concerned with the decor clashing with your wedding colors. There will be no way to camouflage most of the decor.

  2. I like this idea. Having exertything in one place should cut down on the stress of moving around for the ceremony, then then pictures, then the reception.

  3. Yeah, this is it. Do this! I haven’t attended any weddings on yachts but I’ve been to any number of Que parties on a yacht and it was plenty o’ fun.

  4. Great idea! Love it. I am so excited for y’all!

  5. This is a great idea Tiffany. I love it.

    I would sooo look into this idea if I had not already booked everything for Vegas.

  6. And not just rain, I’m not sure about the geography as far as where this is but could hurricane season interfere at all with a September date? hope I’m not being to pessimistic. I like the yacht idea esp with your blue as one of your colors.

  7. I love the Idea of a Yacht!!!!! Looked at the website and here is my only concern… The 4 hour time slot. Make sure you are comfortable with your party being over that soon.

  8. Now this I like! A friend had her wedding on a cruise ship and then we left for the Bahamas. It was in January, though. However, a wedding on a yacht seems beautiful! Liking the idea, Tiffany!

  9. A very unique idea and it will make the day even more special. Go for it!

  10. I like the yacht idea. Very unique! Although that mansion in the other post was that DEAL!!!

  11. yep yep… the idea!

    ample dance space????

    are u having an adult only reception…..the yacht lends itself to that idea, i would think.

    go LS.

    keep that on the radar!!!!!!

  12. It looks bigger inside than I would have originally thought. I too like the idea of doing everything in one place keeping the logistics simple. I have never attended a wedding like this, so one question, are you sailing for a specific amount of time or docked or what? Just curious.

    • To answer Stan and BC: The ceremony part is very short, about 15-20 minutes dockside. You will cruise the rest of the time.

  13. So would you actually be out at sea on the yacht for the wedding or just in dock?

  14. I love weddings on yachts and have attended a couple. A very unique experience.

    However, do keep in mind:
    Potential rain- is there ample indoor space in the event of rain?

    Seasickness- Some of your guests might suffer from it (and so might you!)

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