Venue: Heaven On Earth

Heaven on Earth is a full service wedding venue that we visited a few weeks back. It is a Southern plantation style mansion with two separate wings with a connecting chapel in between. The backstory of this place is pretty interesting. The owner married a man 40 years older than her and they lived in a 1890s Victorian mansion. Over the years she kept adding on to the house until it ended up in its present state. It’s very romantic and ultra traditional. Myron really liked it and so did I but I’m not sure if it’s actually TOO fancy for my taste.

But I got some great shots of the Tiffany Ballroom and the chapel. Hope you enjoy them.


8 thoughts on “Venue: Heaven On Earth

  1. I don’t think this screams you.

  2. That venue is just lovely!

  3. Ok…I take back my liking of the yacht wedding. I do like the idea; however, this is IT. If I were getting married, I’d get married at this plantation. Southern charm! Beautiful!

  4. I love yacht idea!!

  5. This is fancy. I like the yacht idea. Do that!

  6. This is totally off topic, but 40 yrs older? Guess she didn’t have nothing to do but build onto the house. hee hee!

  7. We actually came across Heaven on Earth by mistake while we were venue shopping. Ehh, I wasn’t to pleased with the venue overall. It was beautiful in some areas, but I kind of got a ghostly feeling in some of the rooms, and one room smelled like mothballs! Have you looked a Ashton Gardens or the Centurion Palace in League City?

    I actually have a quote from Ashton Gardens but will add Centurion Palace to the list!

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