Venue: Vargo’s of Houston

We went to an open house held by Vargo’s of Houston, which is a really nice restaurant and reception facility. Their basic wedding package STARTED at $65.00 per person, so CLEARLY it was out of our budget but the place is gorgeous and the food was free.

Here are a couple of snaps from their website. Yes those are peacocks and they roam freely over the entire place.

Here are a few pictures I snapped with my camera:

I wish we had a bit more loot to afford this place…It would REALLY be nice!!!


12 thoughts on “Venue: Vargo’s of Houston

  1. I like the garden!!!

  2. Can we go back to this place and negotiate the price??????? This sooooooo looks like you!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Maybe go there and take pics after the wedding like someone else said.

  4. It’s really nice. I can however see a guest think it’s a good idea to pet said peacock and get pissed when they draw back a nub. lol!

  5. It’s really nice. I can however see a guest think it’s a good idea to pet said peacock and get pissed when they draw back a nub. LMAO!

  6. I love Vargo’s! The scenery is awesome. I think it is best suited for small weddings of 50-75 people…

    Have you checked the Villa? It’s on Dairy Ashford and Westpark. The outside might not look like much but it’s really well done on the inside. I don’t know the price ranges though.

  7. Wow! That’s is beautiful! Don’t make us do a fundraiser for yall. ROFL!

  8. How gorgeous! And I’m learning from you and all these comments. So, if I can’t afford to have my (not happening anytime soon because I’m still very single) wedding somewhere with nice grounds, I can probably save and just take my pics there? Suh-weet!

  9. Oh, Tiff, that is lovely!! Like Mrs. 07 said, if the venue is out of your budget, your pictures would be gorgeous there.

  10. OML! I love this place! And the food is free?? *cues shouting music* I sure hope something works out so that it will be in ya’lls price range.

  11. I took my bridal pictures at Vargo’s when I got married in 2007. The grounds are so beautiful. My photographer knew the grounds well, and we ended up somewhere in the back where they have a bench and tons of trees. Vargo’s was at the top of our list, but we wanted an evening wedding and they were booked! Good Luck!

  12. This venue is beautiful but what will be even more beautiful is the amount of money that you save, sitting in the Mack’s bank account!!

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