My Mister-To-Be and Me

Myron is the oldest of 4 kids (3 boys and a girl). He was educated in the Houston school system and went to college here in town. He lived in Ft. Worth, Texas for almost 14 years and moved back to Houston about 2 years ago. God certainly placed us in each others paths for a reason.

Here are some snaps of me and my boo. He’s pretty awesome!


8 thoughts on “My Mister-To-Be and Me

  1. You guys are so cute together!

  2. Love looks good on yall!!! Congrats again!!!

  3. I love y’all! Y’all are some our best friends that we never met. LOLOLOLOLOL!

  4. LOL @ CreoleInDC!

  5. Ya’ll two keep me walking around with a big old “kool aid smile” I love it !

  6. I think he’s awesome, too, for choosing you! Go, Myron!

  7. Yeah..whatever. I need a pic of him with a staple remover before I OFFICIALLY believe this is him. ROFL!

  8. Love him, love you! Wonderful couple.

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