Swimming With Sharks


Myron and I enjoy watching Shark Tank on ABC on Friday nights when we are at home. The sharks make dreams come true or crush them under their collective heels. I like the updates on the entrepreneurs too, even the ones who don’t get any money out of their dealings with the sharks.

As for me, I’ve always wanted to own a resume writing and career services business that would help college students market themselves better. I revise folks resumes for fun anyway and am always willing to pass along a lead on a job, so why not?

That got me to thinking, if you had the capital and the product, what type of business would you want to have??  If you have a plan in mind, have you gotten started on making it happen?? Be vague if you need to, but at least share the industry that your dream business is in.

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  1. I love that show as well! I watch it to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes when/if I start a business. Mister and I had five ideas for businesses but the one that’s the best is a semi-secret. I’m afraid to share it for fear of being ripped off. But it involves children & parents, the one group of people who HAVE to spend money to ensure the minors survive. We’ve got a name for it and everything. Mister would open the business in a heart beat if he could. Capital is the biggest issue.

    I see most folks want non-profits….I will say this, our idea is definitely for-profit, lol, and involves birthdays.

  2. I would like to start a non-profit where we help kids with MATH and Science starting from K-1. We are losing to every developed country with our kids math and science abilites.

  3. Like Mzinspiredmind, I hope to start a nonprofit (I even went to school for public administration). I’d like to focus on teenagers and teaching life skills. After pregnancy and having my son, I’m thinking I might want to do something in that arena as well.

  4. I have pondered a creative center for young children who are cared for at home or home schooled. Kids could come for an hour or two each week or twice a week and take classes like art/crafts, horticulture, cooking and story time.

    I had never heard of the show but I might as well apply.

  5. My ultimate goal is to direct MY own nonprofit. It will center around the homeless who have had chemical dependency and recidivism issues.

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